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Poisewritik's Profile Picture

Artist | Professional | Digital Art

About me:

- I'm female Digital and Traditional artist from Russia.
- I enjoy drawing Furries, Ponies and Game related stuff.
- I only draw what I like or enjoy.


My commissions are mostly closed but don't be scared to ask, I don't bite! ^^
I'm having mood problems which wont let me finish some works faster.
I will accept your commission only if I will like the idea of it and if the price will fit my needs because I'm really short on money lately and it would be really nice to get at least minimum amount of money for the art which it deserves ^^

Specs and stuff:

- i7-6700 BOX 3.5 GHz
- Radeon RX 470 4GB
- SSD 240 GB
- RAM 16 GB
- Wacom Bamboo
- Photoshop CS6
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Premiere Pro.
Note: No, I'm not rich to buy all this of course. It was a big gift from really nice people who wanted me to continue improving my art skills :) Thank you guys! <3


I rarely reply, that's my boyfriend's job since he is my manager who helps me with customers from different countries that use langauges that I would never understand. Feel free to message him and ask any questions, he wont bite you. He is friendly and nice. You can message him directly here or in other places listed below. Anything that you will ask or will want to pass to me will be 100% done and I wont miss it, don't worry :)

Discord: Rutzu#6911
Skype: VenomExyz

Future Plans:

- Get enough money for everyday normal food.
- Get a decent PC.
- Get a Fursuit.
- Finish college and become an animator.
- Join a Studio to draw and animate stuff for games.

Rules of using my art:

- Do not edit my art.
- Do not change colors in my art.
- Do not copy line my art.
- Do not add "additional" features like hats/glasses/clothes to my art.
- Do not use my art without my personal permission (Just ask me and we'll see how it goes ^^)
- Do not use my art in any money making way without my permission.
- Always make sure to credit me! I will really appreciate it! ^^
- Trust me, you wont want to have problems with my studio ^^

- If you want to share my art with someone or publish it on your blog then please RE-BLOG my art and don't RE-POST it. You can find original sources to my arts on many different official places which you can find below!

You want to publish your art on your Tumblr blog? Find this specific art here: and RE-BLOG it! ^^
Wanna publish it somewhere else where you can't find my art? Ask me! I'll publish it there and you will be able to re-blog it!

My official accounts:

- DeviantArt
- YouTube
- Patreon
- Tumblr
- Derpibooru
- FurAffinity
- SoFurry
- 9GAG
- Twitter
- Instagram
- VK


Wanna tip me to motivate me continuing my art? You're gladly welcome to do that! ^^

You can also support me on my Patreon:


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